High (Deputy) Secretary of Jurong Municipal Party Committee and leaders visited Jiangsu Lianbo
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      At 10 a.m. on April 18, 2019, Mr. Gao (Deputy) Secretary of the Jurong Municipal Party Committee and his party visited Lianbo Precision Inspection and Guidance Work. Mr. Rao Zhihui, the chairman of the company, gave a warm reception and went into the production workshop and new energy workshop. Secretary Gao (deputy) not only looked at the processing technology, product quality, and production safety of the production site in detail, but also paid great attention to the progress of the second phase of the new energy project. Gao (Deputy) Secretary said: The new energy industry is a key project supported and supported by the province. It is hoped that Lianbo will make independent innovations, increase investment in scientific research, and pay attention to the protection and application of property rights of independent brands.

      Before the end of the inspection, the leaders made a detailed understanding of the company's project progress and schedule, and exchanged views with the chairman Mr. Rao Zhihui, hoping that Lianbo will continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve its position in the industry, and promote the regional economy. Development and new energy cause make greater contributions!

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